Painting with Tea

Tea can be really pigmented!

This week I did a collab with another Youtuber called Zzoffer and we decided to paint with TEA! It was such a fun challenge. I actually managed to get some colors out of the tea. If you decide to do this challenge as well, I recommend trying a lot of different flavors, using rather cheap tea because it has more pigment and using very little water with the tea. The best part for me was when one of the red colors turned a blueish grey once it was dry!

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Sketchbook Ideas for Beginners and Artists

5 Drawing ideas for your art journal or Sketchbook

Are you out of ideas on how to fill your sketchbook or just looking for some inspiration? I've got the right video for you! This week I decided to share some of my drawing ideas with you. I hope you feel inspired to create something! I used watercolors, gouache, markers and colored pencils this time. I just love all those mediums. Keep in mind that you can either copy my idea or change it to your liking and use the mediums you prefer or have at hand. Have fun creating!

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Halloween Drawing Ideas

5 Easy and Simple Sketchbook Ideas for halloween

This week me and Windy Iris decided to do a collab with 5 Halloween drawing and painting ideas each. Those are perfect for your sketchbook or to hang up as decorations. We are so excited for this Halloween and therefore had a lot of ideas. In case you decide to recreate one of the pages, tag me on Instagram @visualmindart and use the Hashtag #visualmindart to make sure that I will see it. I hope you all feel inspired and ready to create something!

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How to Paint Watercolor Landscapes | STEP BY STEP

three Easy Watercolor Landscapes

I'm here with another watercolor tutorial! This time we are painting some landscapes! It's quite an easy tutorial, although you might consider following my "how to paint grass" and "how to paint clouds" videos first. This one is slightly more advanced. But the most important thing here is just to have some time and patience. Slowly add more and more details until you get a result that you like. And don't forget to enjoy the process!

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Art Journal Tour

Let's take a look at my finished Sketchbook

Yayy!! I just finished my second Art Journal / Sketchbook! It's amazing what comes to life if you just spend a little bit of time each day on something. This sketchbook was mainly filled on my 20 minute lunch breaks! That's probably the reason why it took so long to finish it. But does that really matter? Not to me. This book gave me so much joy and a place where I could just unwind. I'm so thankful to everything that came with it. Of course I already started the next sketchbook! So you'll see that one in a few months from now. Until then, here's what I did over the last months. I hope you enjoy this peek into my Journal - Have fun! 

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How to Paint Grass

Watercolor Tutorial

A lot of people were looking for a tutorial on how to paint grass. So that's why I decided to film this video. I was actually quite surprised about how much fun I had creating these little paintings. And I think that they actually look somewhat like finished pieces. So it's very interesting that you can create fun things with the simplest things and themes. 

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Trying out Ikea Watercolor

Ikea Speedpaint + Review

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How to Paint Watercolor Clouds

Watercolor Clouds with a bit of Gouache

Have you ever painted clouds before? I really love the sky and all the beauty that comes with it. But for clouds I have a speacial sweet spot in my heart. The trick when painting clouds is to slowly build up color and be messy with it. I explain how to do that in my video tutorial. I hope you feel inspired and don't forget - painting should always be fun! Don't get caught in perfectionism.

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Watercolor House

Moving out of my parent's house

I recently moved out of my parent's house and moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend. Since I had lived in the house for 19 years (almost my entire life), I wanted to thank this beautiful place. And that's my way to honor it. The good times I spent there and also all the hard moments that made me the person I am today. It will forever feel like home.


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Draw this in your Style

Have I even found my style yet?

So I found this beautiful picture on Instagram with the currently trending hashtag #drawthisinyourstyle. And I had to try it. It's just such a fun challenge and you really get to find out how differently you approach and interpret ideas compared to others. I'm looking forward to revisiting this idea in the future again and see how my style has changed and evolved.

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